Friday, 14 October 2011

Now remember that "Satanic code" that I told you about

and watch this video, especially the end part, which has now kindly been edited/blackend out by the Record Company. Remember, remember the code...

Church of the poison mind video

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Here is another story from my past...

Here is another story by the great Judas, I mean Satan.

Just before the year 2000 I was an avid fan of the internet. I used to use social chat rooms to try an convince depressed people to commit suicide. I also worked for the Samaritans for a while at about the same time during which period I told a very suicidal person who was on the top of a tall building to, "go for it, jump". In one of the chat rooms I met an American woman called "Angel", and I quickly built up a relationship with her. It all started with her inquiring as to why I was so nasty trying to make people commit suicide, but she made me into a more conscientious person. She got me into studying the Bible. However angel was involved with a cult and the cult started following me about and I got really paranoid about being under surveillance. I thought that "The Truman Show" was about me as well.

Then 911 happened and I ran away from my family home back to Ireland because it was obvious I was insane and my wife and kids could not stand me. I said to them, "I have put my family in danger".


No go read about the satanic code I told you about earlier!!!!!!!!!

Are you confused and misunderstanding whats going on!!!!!!!!!

Do you think that I'm Angel (Satan) with a cult following in America and my problems revolve around my trying to make people commit suicide (911). Do you think that I'm the "truman" (true man = the beast 666)!!!!!!!!


Thursday, 22 September 2011

Names and numbers

There is another wonderful side to Satanic scripture as I see it, and that is that everything is the same. When numbers and words (and appearances!) draw a distinction from each other the event is frivolous. I tell you everything is the same.

Here is an example. The word die means death right? Right on it does. And the ladies name Diana can be abbreviated Di, cant it? Too true. So there we have it. Anyone called Diana will die it is sure. It will be me that kills them. No it wont. Oh fuck it someone will but I liked Princess Diana it wasn't me, just someone who knows how I work and really doesn't like me. You could say that if I wasnt alive it wouldn't have happened. I am Judas though, I mean I am Satan, so it is to be expected that not everyone will love me.

Now we have numbers. Two is the number of difference, not change. Sorry, sorry I'm getting my wires crossed. About numbers. Because everything is the same numbers do not actually mean anything at all, however I can prove that I am not responsible for all of the terrorism in the world by using numbers. Haha. Go Figure!

I'm going to the local charity shop now to buy some clothes and then its back to the dry house for dinner.

Monday, 19 September 2011

"Satanic codes" and My Life

Has anyone read Bill Clintons book "My Life"? I wouldn't blame you if you haven't its so boring you'll probably be bored to death reading it! Maybe that's whats he was trying to do, he's a top boy ain't he! Anyway I wanted to talk about Satanic codes so I can shift some of the blame for 911 onto him. You see if you use the code that Im going to give you, and then read his book, revelation will be in abundance. The code is this.

The number of the name of Judas, sorry I mean Satan, is 55, but if you have the number 55 linked to you in any other way and you want to be Judas, sorry I mean Satan, your date of birth for instance (1955 like me), then you can say, "your only saying that im Judas, sorry Satan, because of that link". So there it is: "your only saying that because of this"! You've got yourself confused! Now go read his book. And bare in mind that my surname is Nixon and the surname of the family that I married into is Mcauliffe.

There is another Satanic code but its so top secret if I told you what it was I would probably die immediately.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Who don't I work for? A denouncement...

Its been suggested, by Bill Clinton (starr) on, that I work for the CIA. I have also suggested that I "was 5" (MI5) and that I'm "SIS" (MI6). I know now that I'm an embarrassment to anyone who is connected to me, and I don't want to make the security services look like a joke shop, so I hereby denounce any involvement with the aforementioned security services. Can I be be left alone to be an embarrassment to myself now please.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Its been suggested that I'm a suicide expert and that the reason for this is 1. I am suicidal myself, and 2. Being a depraved queer this is the only way that I can prove my manhood i.e. make men commit suicide.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

I am a depraved queer

I have already told you the reason why I am not a queer. I can also confirm that I am not depraved. The reason that I am not depraved is that I am not really me. I am what they call in the auto-mobile industry a "cut and shut". I am Satan. I am NOT Judas. I might be Satan and Judas though. When you use the ether you come to realise that your attitude can be magnified with a little help from discarnate astral entities. If, like me, you want to do good things for your country but need to be evil, then the best spirits are there to help you. If, like me, you have an IQ of 110 and an EQ of slightly less, you will be completely taken over by such entities. They are magnificent, I am one of them now.

I do not like being labelled a wicked witch and singled out by someone for being so. For you information Tony Blair and The Queen of England are both cut and shuts who use the ether with witchcraft. I am greater than them though and much more depraved. Its at my pleasure how I choose to treat and talk about them. If I want to implicate these piss-ants in any of my grand schemes I will and do do.

I haven't finished speaking about Tony Blair and The Queen yet.